Welcome to refund page (Vinsuh India), we are happy to see you. Let we know how you get refund from (Vinsuh India)

Conditions of refund

Vinsuh provide money back-guarantee, let we know in which condition you get refund.

You are able to get refund when you not get 100% completed work in given time period or you don’t like work of vinsuh India and vinsuh India team is not able to help you.

For every service this may be change. like for content writing service you get a pre-checking option in this option you get a link where you check you content. When you approve content then you get download link. Before approval you are able to get refund but after getting content download link you are not able to get refund.

Refund policy for WordPress support service

Before starting customization vinsuh india team chat with you about your project and they make a raw template for your site. But after starting website/blog customization you are not able to apply for refund.

Note: For better wordpress support or customization, please try to share more and more data and problems with vinsuh’s team.

Refund policy for website development

The refund option in website development service is very simple, when you place an order to develop your website, then you share the complete information with the team of vinsuh india. You share maximum information with vinsuh india.

You can take refund only when website development has not started, full amount refund cannot be done after starting.

Refund Time

Usually Vinsuh team take 48 hours for refund but in some cases it take a week.

Refund way

Your money will be refunded in whatever method you have paid.

How to apply for refund?

You have two options for apply to refund.

1. Contact Vinsuh India live chat support team by follow this link.

2.Email us at [email protected]. In Email you need to add some details like

  • Name
  • Email Id
  • Plan name
  • Order Id
  • Valid resaon for refund